Thursday, December 08, 2022

Christmas At the Bus Stop

August 30, 1973
I think it's interesting that The Born Loser was a slice-of-life comic mixed with a marriage strip. A lot of strips don't really show Brutus being a "born loser" but just showing the general foibles of life. Like, this strip doesn't show Brutus really losing, unless you consider failing at quitting smoking a loser quality. He's just a stereotypical man in the 1970s.

For some reason, I don't mind when when these characters look at the readers like I do with the current versions.

Veeblefester is neither merry or jolly and Brutus knows this. And it's December 8th, it's too early to be happy about snow. Snow on December 8 will be gone by December 25 unless it stays really cold or snows more.

If Veeblefester rides the bus with Brutus, how has he not pushed Brutus in front of it?