Saturday, November 19, 2022

Nothing Important

August 11, 1973
"Commit corporate fraud, my boy! You can cheat, lie, and steal all you want! It doesn't make you mean, evil, or greedy--it makes you SMART! And the government just lets you do it!"

The entire GoComics website is currently down. We don't know why. Here is today's strip straight from Chip himself, posting the original on the official Born Loser Facebook Page.

I have been sick all of November. I don't know what it is but from October 30 to today I have been ill in some way. I'm using today as a day to just rest with simple plans of taking a shower, writing, and maybe some reading. Brutus works hard all week and he is taking a break. Whatever "important" thing you need him to do can wait, Gladys. It can wait.