Sunday, November 20, 2022

Brutus and the Waiter Are Wearing the Same Thing

I am no longer on Twitter. I knew this day was coming but I figured I had some time. I was honestly thinking it would crash and become virtually useless by the time I left but, yet, here we are. I've updated my Linktree to add a couple more places where you can follow me, Mastodon and my old Tumblr that I haven't updated since 2014. You will probably see me mostly on Instagram but who knows what the future will bring. It was a fun, yet traumatic ride while it lasted.

April 21, 1985
One of my favorite tropes is animals that talk but only when no one is around, refuse to talk when anyone else is around, or says things that it shouldn't. There's an episode of Matlock where Matlock is given a parrot that only says "Your mother is a jackass!". Reciting the Gettysburg Address is almost as good.

GoComics is still down. Here's the original black-and-white posted by Chip on the Born Loser Facebook Page. The wrong website went down.

What kind of movies does Brutus watch? Are there that many movies where someone sends back their food? I mean, it's kind of a trope but not enough of one to warrant it's own listing. Anyway, I hope Brutus is prepared for a fight when the chef barges out of the kitchen with a knife screaming about the steak being perfect.

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