Sunday, November 13, 2022

Brought To You By Chip-Oh's--Oh, It's Chocolate Chip! Chip-Oh's!

March 10, 1985
Welcome back! I'm glad I get to return to showcase this comic from 1985 that I do not understand at all.

If he doesn't have a plug then he couldn't bathe so is that the joke? I feel like that's looking too much into it--or not enough into it. Is Brutus sitting in the tub blocking the water from draining? At least the Apex Bathtubs guy is also confused.

Alley Oop, December 9, 1970
Wilberforce makes an appearance in this Alley Oop strip from 1970. "Funny-looking kid", yeah, I mean, he has those weird curls which is strange. Maybe if The Born Loser started in 1910s that hair would make sense but not in 1965-slash-whenever Brutus started becoming the main character.

Lots of things have expiration dates. Cans of food, frozen food, Covid tests for some reason. Recent findings have discovered that expiration dates, for the most part, are pointless or arbitrary. The food may not look or taste good anymore but it won't really hurt you. I mean, I like a good stale Oreo on occassion.

I'm surprised, too, that bag of cookies was able to survive this long. Out of sight, out of mind really works, I guess.

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