Sunday, October 14, 2018

Tank N Tummy #8

MaryJane has nice legs. Ryan texted to Dominic.

What? Dominic replied.

She’s home sick too. She just posted a lewd on Instagram. See? Ryan sent the picture he screenshotted from Instagram and sent it to Dominic.

Oh god. If she’s sick then why is she posting while sitting on the toilet?

Still hot tho.

Dominic got a message from MaryJane. He tapped on the notification and pulled up her message. I nearly threw up from masturbating I’m so dizzy.

You have a problem.

Feel free to come over. I may be sick but I’m totally good to go.

I saw your Insta. Slut.

You’re just jealous. Get over here. One time offer.

I’m sick too. I can barely make it to the bathroom.

I feel you. Which end?

Mostly the back.

Still would. 😄


MaryJane was then silent for half an hour. Dominic slid out of his bed and crawled along the floor to the bathroom. Along the way, he lost his pajama pants and boxers. “I guess they will just find my naked body sprawled on the bathroom floor in my own filth,” Dominic groaned to himself. He began typing something on his phone.

There’s a clear difference between poop and vital bodily organ, right?

I hope so. I’ve flushed so much down the toilet.

Ryan had just opted to move into the bathroom. He was sitting nude in the shower with the water running. The water was cold as he was burning up because of his fever. He was starting to feel better but still very dizzy. As he laid on the shower floor, he fell asleep again.

“Thanks, Chief,” a customer said as he stepped away from the counter. The next two customers did the same thing. It was weird. Chief hadn’t said one word since he came on duty but everyone was talking to him. Not full-on conversations but your normal pleasantries. Chief usually nodded in acknowledgement.

“How long have you worked here?” Aaron asked.

Chief stayed silent.

“All right. Good talk.”

When their rush of people were gone, Chief immediately went to the back and grabbed a broom. Aaron grabbed a magazine and began reading but was also glancing up at Chief still working. He was sweeping the floor and as he swept, cleaned up the items in the aisles, making sure they were neat and organized and that all the boxes were full.

After Chief had swept, he returned the broom and looked at the beverage center. He refilled the coffee pots and made sure the cappuccino machine still had powder in it. He checked the CO2 for the soda and put out fresh hot dogs and brats on the rollers. He then tossed out a couple of WET FLOOR signs and went to the back to make a fresh bucket of mop water.

“Slow down, Chief. I haven’t even started to work today and I’m already exhausted just from watching you,” Aaron joked. Chief held the mop handle and looked at Aaron. He then sloshed the mop in the water, wrung it out, and began mopping. “All right,” Aaron said.

Dominic’s phone chimed. He weakly lifted it to she could see it. I threw up on a guy while going down on him so I get 150 experience points. “Oh, MJ,” Dominic groaned. Another ding. He went to take a shower and another guy came over. 3Way!! 😍🍆💦👧🏻💦🍆 “What is wrong with her?” Dominic wearily muttered to himself. Another ding. “Leave me along, MJ,” Dominic growled. He looked at the phone screen.

It was Ryan. I think I’m feeling better. Only pooped once in the last two hours.

I still feel just as bad. And MaryJane keeps texting me about how being sick makes her horny. She’s had guys in and out all day.

In and out. I see what you did there. Think I could go over? Is there a line?

Dominic smiled. There probably is. She’s been offering herself up all day.

Eh. I’ll just stay here. I feel another poop coming on.

You spoke too soon.

Yep. Later.

Dominic weakly threw his phone and closed his eyes to go back to sleep.

MaryJane ushered the two guys out of her apartment. She was still nude and a little wobbly. She stood in the hallway of her apartment building and said good-bye to the guys. “Thanks, guys. Maybe we can do this again sometime.”

One of MaryJane’s neighbors turned the corner and quickly covered his eyes. He blushed a little.

“Oh, don’t be such a prude, Oscar. You were probably gonna see it sooner or later.”

MaryJane went back in her apartment and headed toward her bedroom. There was a knock on the front door. MaryJane paused and turned around. She opened the door and a guy was standing in the hall.

“Looks like you’re ready to go,” the man smiled, noting MaryJane’s nudity.

MaryJane smiled. “Yeah, I could go for another romp in the hay.”

“I figured you would be. Let’s go. You know how I love sloppy sevenths.”

MaryJane giggled stupidly.

Aaron and Chief clocked out and began leaving the Tank N Tummy. “It was nice working with you today, Chief,” Aaron said. “You’re not much of a talker but one hell of a worker.”

Chief said nothing as they left the store.

“See you around, Chief,” Aaron said. “Hold up, want some gum?” Aaron held up a pack of gum.

Chief looked down then took a piece. He unwrapped it and popped it in his mouth. He made a couple of chews and his eyes grew wide. “Mm. Juicy Fruit,” he said.

Aaron smiled big.