Sunday, October 07, 2018

Supercomics #15

The jeep flew across the ground and smashed into the guard booth. A man wearing a red uniform with a flowing red cape walked up to the guard booth. A smaller alien-looking creature walked next to him. A couple of guards stood up and aimed their gun at the man. With a wave of his hand, the man sent the two soldiers flying away.

More soldiers arrived and surrounded the man and his companion. He paused, noticing the guns on him. “I am Senestro,” he announced. “This base belongs to me now.” With another wave of his hand, all the other soldiers flew in opposite directions. Senestro continued walking with his companion still by his side. Some soldiers still attempted to stop him but he handled them within seconds.

Senestro cast out the soldiers in the main building and soon had complete control of the military base. He and his companion were the only two still on the base, everyone else had been forcibly removed.

“A full stock of weapons and vehicles. Enough firepower to make this country shake in its boots,” Senestro said, looking over the control tower booth. “Skiff, monitor the base and make sure no one comes close to us. If anyone comes near, blast them out of the sky with a missile.”

“Yes, sir,” Skiff replied, taking a seat at the monitor. He began trying to get his bearings, figuring out the directions and what button, knob, or lever did what.

“We should send a message and launche a missile. Where shall we send it?”

“We need to get to Fort Carroll in Tecumseh, Pennsylvania,” Superkitten announced. “The base has been taken over by some guy who single handedily took out the entire staff based there.”

The All-American Corps loaded into their plane and quickly took off. Linus manned the monitoring room back at the school and began following the jet and gathering info on Fort Carroll. “We have an issue, guys,” Linus began. “It looks like there’s some activity on the base. A missile is being positioned.”

“Fly faster,” Superkitten told Geo-Whiz.

“I got this,” Fire opened a door and jumped out. In mid-air she burst into flames and shot across the sky. She had been testing her powers, seeing how fast she could fly as she was on fire. She had gotten pretty fast and threw herself in front of the missile. It hit her and exploded, she absorbed the explosion into her own fire.

“We seem to have company,” Skiff said, watching the monitor. “That All-American Corps.”

“They’ll be easily handled,” Senestro said. “They’re just a bunch of kids after all. Launch more missiles.”

Skiff targeted and locked onto both Fire and the incoming jet then released three missiles toward each target. Fire enlarged her flame shield and was struck by two of the three missiles, absorbing their energy and muffling their explosion.

Geo-Whiz dodged the third missile that was heading for the jet. The missiles weren’t seekers and continued their trajectory. “We can’t let these missiles land wherever,” Superkitten said. “Fire, get those missiles. Make sure nothing happens,” she said into the communicator. Fire flew past the jet toward the missiles.

“Shall I launch more, sir?” Skiff asked.

“No. No sense in wasting our firepower. I’ll handle them from here,” Senestro turned and headed for the tower exit.

The jet approached Fort Carroll. The team saw Senestro floating at just about their level. As they got closer, Senestro quickly lowered his hand. The jet dropped from the sky and crashed onto the base. Fire quickly threw a flame at him but he used his hand to split the flame, going untouched.

Fire swooped down to the smashed jet. Her teammates climbed out and looked at Senestro. “What are we looking at? Telekinesis?” Superkitten asked.

“Looks like,” Geo-Whiz answered.

“He easily threw the jet down and split my flame without touching anything,” Fire added.

“I am Senestro. This base is now mine. I’d appreciate it if you leave,” Senestro announced.

“You get why we can’t do that, right?” Superkitten shouted at him.

“Try and stop me,” Senestro challenged.

From the tower, Skiff launched a couple more missles. Senestro raised his arms and several jeeps and other vehicles floated up.

“Fire, take care of the missiles. Chim, head to the tower to stop whoever is launching those missiles. Geo, you’re with me against Senestro,” Superkitten ordered. The team split up with the exception of Superkitten and Geo-Whiz. Senestro tossed the Jeeps at them that they easily dodged. Geo-Whiz pulled out the dirt from underneath the paved ground and hit Senestro with it. “Yeah, keep him occupied while I get a running start.” Superkitten ran to Senestro and then struck him hard in the jaw, knocking him out of the dirt that was holding him at bay.

“Finally. Are we starting to draw out some damage on this guy?” Fire rejoined Superkitten and Geo-Whiz.

“Maybe a little,” Superkitten said. “Chimney Girl is trying to stop whoever is launching the missiles.”

In the tower, Chimney Girl got to the control room and saw the small alien working the board. “Step away from the console,” she ordered.

“I’m just following orders,” Skiff replied and did step away from the console. His demeanor seemed believable so Chimney Girl kind of felt sorry for him.

She went over to the console but instead looked out the window at Senestro below. She turned her arm into brick and shattered the window. She then ran and jumped out. Halfway down, she turned completely brick and landed on Senestro, taking him down to the ground. Chimney Girl stood up and looked at him. “That did it,” she said. “There some kind of alien thing upstairs in the control tower,” she thumbed behind her.

“That was some quick thinking,” Superkitten said. “Great job.”

Back at the school, everyone got out of their uniforms and settled in the rest of the afternoon. Alix thought that she would take a chance on something. “Hey, Brandon,” she walked up to him. He was standing with April and seemingly enjoying their conversation. “Do you want to go do something?”

“Ah, that sounds great but April and I are heading out to see a movie and grab some dinner. You can come with us. It’s just for something to do,” Brandon said.

“No, no. That’s fine. I’ll just order in and read. Get caught up on some TV shows or something. You two enjoy yourselves.”

“Are you sure? A night out with friends,” Brandon tried persuading.

Alix sat in her room, music playing softly and her TV on mute. She was sitting on her bed, reading, when her phone rang. “Hello?” she answered.

“Alix. How’s it going?” it was Traci.

“Oh my God, Traci. How are you?”

“Um, I could be better. I...I’m pregnant,” Traci revealed. “My parents kicked me out and I have nowhere to go.”

“Ssh. Calm down. Go to my Mom. She’ll take you in. I’m going to get dressed and I’ll be back in New York as soon as I can.”