Sunday, October 28, 2018

Let's Go To the Mall

It's been a week. Not for me but for lots of other people who did nothing to deserve a week like this. We started out reassuring the trans community that we would stand with them and not allow the trump administration to take their status away. We then spent most the week reading about pipe bombs being sent to various people who have spoken up against trump including Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden, Cory Booker, and the offices of CNN, among seven other high profile people. The middle of the week gave us a racially motivated shooting where a man entered a Kroger in Kentucky and shot two African Americans while declaring that he doesn't "shoot white people." We then end the week with 11 people getting shot and killed in a synagogue in Pittsburgh.

I don't know what words to say (or write) that will make everything better. I know what words are being said that is causing all of this but no one who has the power is willing or able to step up and condemn what is going on. They say (or write) that they are standing up and condemning what is happening but their inaction on everything that could stop the rhetoric and violence speaks louder than anything they say.

Hatred and bigotry have no place in this world and we can let those who try to bring hatred and bigotry into this world what we thing about that on November 6th. Make sure you're registration is up-to-date, that you know where your polling place is, and that you get out and VOTE!

Malls are a dying entity. All the stores in it could easily occupy a simple space in a nearby strip mall or a small building downtown. The best thing about having one of the many malls that are slowly dying is that it is never difficult to find my car and I don't really have to go very far to get to my parking space. I do still have to write down the make and model of my car because who ever remembers that minute detail when there are much more important things out there to remember.

I am taking next week off to focus on writing. If you would like to support my writing or research, you can buy me a cup of coffee on Ko-Fi. Until next Sunday, be kind to each other, and I remain...