Thursday, December 01, 2011

Dark At Dawn

"Genesis" was a...terrible company-wide crossover from DC Comics in 1997 where it was decided that superpowers were formed by a passing space current called the Godwave. On the first pass, the Godwave created the various gods on the planets, on the second pass it created superhumans and this series focused on what would happen if the Godwave passed through a third time. It was apparently the Godwave that caused Superman's powers to become energy-based and the series made it possible to change some heroes' powers.

The mini-series was criticized for not really changing any of the characters or the continuity and has pretty much been ignored since. I feel one comic actually stood out from the lackluster crowd. And that is Robin #46. I saw the cover in the comic book store and thought it looked interesting. It's one of my favorite covers and it's not a bad story either.

Dark At Dawn
Originally published in Robin #46 (Oct 1997)
Written by Chuck Dixon
Penciled by Cully Hamner
Inked by Sal Buscema
Lettered by Tim Harkins
Colored by Adrienne Roy
All characters and stories (C)1997 DC Comics. All rights reserved.

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