Saturday, December 03, 2011

Do We Really Need Another Useless TV Feature?

Guess what happened to me yesterday. Somehow my flash drive became corrupted and I lost everything I had written. That's roughly 50 stories, 2 novels and numerous articles and reviews. Thanks to me posting some stories on Liberty, I was able to get most rewritten by copying and pasting but there are about half a dozen that I am going to have to rewrite because they were scheduled to be posted here for a while. After the catastrophe, I decided to make a list of the stories I've written and go through my notebooks (I hand write everything before I type it up) and found a couple stories that I'm gonna have to rewrite someday and try to make them suitable for publishing.

A couple of these are Calcutta, the story of a mystery in a small Kansas town during the 1880s, and Writer's Block, the story of an author who returns home to work on his new book only to be caught in the middle of his father's corruption scandal. Calcutta was published somewhere else a couple years ago but I took all my stories off that site so that I could start posting them here.

You're welcome.

But then ESPN, really the only network actively using 3D cameras, will have to invent cameras that can pick up smells. I'm sure everybody would love that. Smelling funky, sweaty football and basketball players and the smell of the burning rubber on the NASCAR track. I would never smell because 1)I would never buy a Smell-A-Vision TV and 2)I don't watch a lot of ESPN.

Moral of this post: I don't like 3D Television.