Wednesday, December 14, 2011

It's Hard Out There for a Pimp

I am not a musician. I've really had no desire to become a musician but I do know a little bit about the music industry such as the bigger a musical genius you are, the more you can be a jerk to people and that if you pirate songs, the RIAA will destroy everything and everyone you hold dear.

The big thing I'm seeing now in movies, TV shows and commercials is that recording artists go into the studio and stand around in the recording booth with nothing to sing.
Apparently soda pop commercials are the worst offenders of this.
Musicians don't just stand around the recording studio waiting for inspiration to hit, they should know what they are going to do because not knowing is a waste of the studio's time, the record company's money and shows a level of unprofessionalism on the artist. Now I'm not saying inspiration doesn't strike while they are in the studio but the people who do the recording are not being paid to record Britney Spears' off-the-cuff ramblings. That's one reason a lot of artists have recording studios in their house so they can do random and unfinished stuff without wasting time and money because no matter how popular and successful an artist is, the record company will not tolerate wasting their time and money on a song that doesn't have music to it, incomplete lyrics and pauses in it.

So the point I'm getting at is musicians work hard to give their fans the best music they can and images like these put in people's heads that musicians can rattle off a song just off the top of their head. I think lyrics can be created but music should take longer. It also puts in people's minds that in just one trip to the recording studio, a masterpiece can be created. Creating a song takes several trips to the recording studio. Several.

 I love Wastrel's pimp hat. And now whenever I want to argue about homeschooling, all I have to do is show people the first panel and say "This guy is a bum!" and the argument is over. And I knew Wastrel wasn't really home-schooled, you know why? He's way too social and doesn't seem at all religious.