Friday, December 02, 2011

Woke Up This Morning, Went to Echo Glen

I have discovered time and time again that I can't adhere to a schedule unless something is at stake. So, saying that, I am dispensing with the LAMNB schedule that I have kind of been adhering to. There was also some updates to the tours site which is now located at so go check it out. More changes are on the way.

Brutus, you are essentially Veeblefester's second-in-command. So your stature is as high as it's going to get without you somehow taking over Veeblefester's spot on the Board of Directors. You have to work on gaining respect, however.

I always used to think life would be better if more broke out into song occasionally. Then I started watching "Glee" and realized that breaking out into song wouldn't make life better, it would just make people more annoying.

Not only is this strip a joke about how people from Jersey talk--which was old about a year ago--it is also a "Sopranos" joke which went off the air in 2007 and hasn't been considered a decent joke since 2005.

I also see that the governing body of Echo Glen still hasn't put up a guard rail or something to keep people from tumbling over the edge.