Friday, December 25, 2009

Editorial Comics Review (12/25/09)

by Ed Stein 12/19/09

I was happy when there was a chance for health care to be offered to every American if they want it for a reasonable price. But now I am like the guy in the last illustration and somehow I don't think I will ever be happy at what Congress does again. People keep blaming President Obama for either pushing this reform that America doesn't need through or not being man enough to order the Democrats to create a decent bill. I don't blame Obama for this piece of shit legislature, I blame the people that we voted into office to be our voice in Washington. Oh, wait. I didn't vote for my senators, I voted for someone else.

by Jeff Sherffius 12/20/09

It's been a pretty dismal decade. Since 2000, we got a president who didn't legitimately win, lost 3,000 lives in New York City, Washington and Pennsylvania, started two wars, been illegally wiretapped, had a war hero's good name dragged through the mud, had a beauty queen run for vice president, shady companies connected to the president profiting off of the wars, an entire city almost completely wiped out, had our economy come crashing down around us, saw a man who got shot by the VP apologize to the VP for being shot and have seen how crazy uneducated Republicans can really be.

There's been talk about what to call this decade like the aughts or the O-zeroes. I just want to call it done.

by Henry Payne 12/21/09

Alright, I will make you a deal. I won't want government-run health care and/or medicine anymore if the Federal government and ALL of the states get rid of Medicaid, Veteran's benefits, Indian Health Services, Medicare and any other type of Federal or state assisted health care. You can't have Medicare but not want socialized medicine. You can't have it both ways. Health care for all or health care for none.

by Bill Day 12/25/09

But no matter what your political proclivities, I hope everyone has had safe and joyous holiday season.