Friday, December 11, 2009

Editorial Comics Review (12/11/09)

by Gary Varvel 12/10/09

Am I the only one tired of the Democrats goal to pass ANY health care bill and the Republicans goal to reject ANY health care bill? Why should people who can't afford health insurance be punished? I don't understand this. And no one has given me a good excuse aside from either not wanting government interference (which Medicare is by the way) or not wanting to raise the debt. Those are two of the flimsiest excuses I have ever heard. Why am I being punished with possible bankruptcy and/or death because I can't afford $300 a month for health insurance or because my employer doesn't offer benefits to me? Come on, I'm waiting for an answer.

by Bill Day 12/8/09

I don't really care that Obama got the Nobel. I even wrote an earlier blog about it which elicited some complaints. What I was trying to describe was the fact that people on the right take this whole thing way too seriously. If you don't think President Obama deserved the Nobel then fine. The decision is out of our hands and even if Obama rejected the award, it would still be his. The Nobel Committee wouldn't give it to someone else.

But onto the matter of this comic. I do see the irony--everyone does--but even without the troop surge it would be ironic because Obama was going to be the president to pull us out of Afghanistan and Iraq, neither of which has even come close to being realized. There's really nothing more I can add here except this.

by Steve Breen 12/9/09

Who said there'd be public funding for abortions? I'm sorry but if an abortion is medically necessary (such as in the case of ectopic pregnancy or if giving birth would be detrimental to the baby and/or mother) it should be covered. Abortion has never, and shouldn't be, an easy way to get out of being a parent. People who choose abortion for whatever reason typically have thought long and hard about making this decision. They have to live with their decision and the guilt of it for the rest of their lives. Abortion isn't cheap so it's not something someone can do every eight months just because they don't a baby. If someone chooses to have an abortion, you can guarantee that they have thought about it in depth, did the research and came to the conclusion that would benefit everyone involved. And if anyone doesn't believe that, you live in your own fantasy world and I feel sorry for you.

by Steve Sack 12/9/09

This is how I typically feel. When snow falls, people forget how to drive. They either drive the same or they drive too cautiously. They never find the happy medium. And the people in trucks and SUVs who feel they are safe because they are in trucks or SUVs are just the worst.

by Jeff Stahler 12/11/09

There were like, three comics that talked about iPhone apps or apps in general. I've had my cell phone for almost three years now and I plan on keeping it until it plan stops working. Also, I don't need my phone to do all that crap. Make calls, take pictures, play music and maybe a mapping/GPS feature but that's all I need. That's honestly all anyone needs.

What's with the hat that kid's wearing?

by Mike Keefe 12/10/09

Here is a link to an article associated with this cartoon. I don't understand what the issue is. Colorado State University banned guns from it's campus. Good. Why in the hell do students need to bring guns onto campus anyway? I'm sure the uproar has something to do with infringing on our 2nd amendment rights but I do agree that you never quite know when King George III will return from the grave and demand taxes on our tea again.

Hunting is the only reason you need a gun. Let the comments begin....