Friday, December 04, 2009

Editorial Cartoon Review (12/4/09)

I'm going to begin choosing five editorial cartoons to talk about on Friday of every week. This doesn't necessarily mean all of the comics will be from Friday but I'm hoping to get them from at least the last week or so. If you find an editorial cartoon that's interesting, in bad taste or just plain ignorant if reality then email it to me and I may include it here. Now, onto the cartoons.

(Th)Ink 11/25/09

I hadn't even heard about this (probably because I don't give a rat's ass about sports) but it made me look it up so it must be doing something right. Here is a link to a blog discussing what happened and the backlash of it. I have to admit that is pretty ignorant that those two didn't know that Borat is from Kazakhstan. What's even more ignorant is just basically stating that 1)who cares where he's from, they're all the same over there and 2)that a comedian could portray Hadaddi. I'm fairly certain there are Iranian actors out there who could do a better job than Cohen, who's whole shtick seems to revolve around dick and gay jokes. Oh, and funny accents.

by Daryl Cagle 11/28/09

Whoa. This is new. California is broke? When did that happen? California has been "broke" since the 1990s, hasn't it? Maybe if Hollywood would quit going to Australia and Vancouver to film TV shows and movies maybe California's economy would get propped up a little. It would probably also help if the state would quit randomly bursting into flames.

Where'd the bear's pockets come from?

by Jeff Stahler 12/3/09

Is this about how wacky and apparently "fairy-tale-ish" Dubai is or is it a commentary on how Dubai is now considered to be better than the United States in every way (except for that whole "in the Middle East" thing)? I guess, looking at Google News, Dubai is heavily in debt (gee, wonder why?) so I guess economic collapse for Dubai could be imminent. I hope not. I want to stay in that hotel that's completely underwater. I mean, what could go wrong?

by David Fitzsimmons 12/2/09

I was watching Joe Biden on The Daily Show talking about the economic recovery and how it is work through all the stimulus packages and stuff like that and...I was not convinced. My whole issue with this stimulus is that the money is going to places to be used to start community improvement projects which is all well and good but who's going to get that money? The contractors hired to do the work, of course. In my city, our commissioners came up with an idea to let local unemployed people help re-brick a portion of a street that runs in front of a school. Federal guidelines mandate that the work be given to a contractor. How is that helping the unemployed people? Sure an unemployed person could apply with one of those contractors but how many of those people actually know how to work construction?

Biden even said that you actually wouldn't feel the recovery but you would see it. Uh-huh. I'd rather feel it. Also, my son owns a copy of Diary of a Wimpy Kid and it's a really good book. I'm hoping to be able to read more of them as soon as the stimulus package trickles down to me.

by Bruce Beattie 12/1/09

So what did we learn from the Tiger Woods incident this last week? If you answered: "that he's human" then you win. I love the play on words used in this cartoon but the whole thing seems kind of racist. Two white cops joking about a black person who can't drive. I'm done with this whole Tiger Woods thing.

Also, Woods crashed a Cadillac Escalade while the vehicle in the cartoon is clearly something from Nissan.