Thursday, December 24, 2009

#205: The Christmas Blog

I wrote a story years ago that featured my Wilbur and Kolak characters where they follow the neighborhood bully back in time to stop him from killing Jesus Christ as a baby.


Without even touching on the subject of how the bully, Marty, went back in time, the story was rather disturbing when I look back on it because Marty is going back to kill a baby. And not just any baby--God's only child. I remember that it had a very climatic scene with Wilbur begging Marty not to snap the baby's neck. I was really demented for 1991, and I was eight. Marty finally relents and places Jesus back in the manger, the three return to the present and Wilbur invites Marty over for Christmas dinner. What I never really established was why Marty hated Christmas. I established that he hated it then whisked him away to ancient Jerusalem to kill Baby Jesus. Not one of my better plot devices but, again, I was eight.

I honestly think it was my most controversial thing I ever wrote and that includes my story about abortion. I don't advocate going back in time and killing Christ and that story, along with hundreds of others were burned back in 2001 and I have no plans on bringing it back. I just thought I'd share this Christmas memory thought up by eight-year-old Brian.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.