Friday, December 18, 2009

Editorial Comics Review (12/18/09)

Here is more editorial cartoons for you to read and get pissed off about what's going on in our world. I, for one, am ashamed.
by Rob Rogers 12/17/09

You know what I have loved about President Bush being out of office? I haven't had to see him on TV. Sure, I had to deal with Dick Cheney for a few months a while ago but he soon learned that no cares what a vice president has to say. Bush has had the good sense to stay away from the media. Here's hoping that lasts.

While I do know that people want to know President Bush's rationale about invading Iraq, I really don't. They gave us excuse after excuse about why we invaded and none of that has panned out. I can justify Afghanistan but never Iraq and I don't want to hear another lie come out of that man's smarky mouth.

(Th)ink by Keith Knight 12/16/09

And with this, the jokes about Tiger Woods have worn themselves out. Once again, we're just learning that athletes are not special but that they are human. You put a human on a pedestal and sooner or later, they are going to fall. And every time this happens, we never learn, we continue placing people on those pedestals and then get angry and take shots at them when they fall.

This kind of stuff happens so often that I am amazed that people continue putting athletes and movie stars in hero categories. Sure, I have my heroes but I don't place them on a pedestal and worship them like a god, mainly because I don't want to see my gods fall.

by Robert Ariail 12/18/09

Does Joe Lieberman ever plan on running for public office again? He's not helping out anyone from what I can tell. I knew the public option was off the table (which is mainly what WE THE PEOPLE want) but I didn't know there was a Medicare expansion part in the bill. And I guess, if you don't get insurance then the government can fine you. That makes sense. Force people who can't afford health insurance to get health insurance or fine them money they can't afford. Makes perfect sense to me.

I don't see why this health care bill is so hard to figure out. Why can't there be a public option? Why can't the health insurance companies be held accountable? Why can't we fucking expand Medicare to everybody who wants it? Our current health care system punishes those who cannot pay and doesn't have insurance, if this bill passes it will continue to punish those that cannot pay and essentially rewards the insurance companies. Creating a health bill that works for everyone was possible if our Senators would quit listening to the insurance companies, Fox News pundits and moronic constituents who don't even know what's going on.

by Marshall Ramsey 12/18/09

When did Al Gore become evil?

You have scientists around the world along with hundreds of other people saying that global warming is real, you would think you could just give them the benefit of the doubt. I reading the online comments of my local newspaper and one of the commentators said that his "father was a paleontologist for over 40 years" and that "he's laughing at all you global warning idiots". global warming is just a huge global conspiracy aimed to do...what? What's in it for the scientists and other people who believe? Do they think this is their chance for their 15-minutes of fame? They think scaring people into recycling will get them famous and not, say, curing cancer? While I can typically see both sides of an issue when presented to me (in a direct, non-yelly format), I cannot see the other side of this issue. Even if global warming isn't true, what's the worst that can happen? We lose our dependency on foreign oil, we recycle more, reduce our carbon footprint and save a polar bear or two.

by Drew Litton 12/17/09

"Because he has some family issues he has to deal with." Why was that so hard? Is this going back to my "hero" rant earlier? You don't have to tell your child that Tiger put his wood into other women that weren't his wife. God, the way we coddle our children these days is disturbing.