Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Delaware Affections #1.4

Previously in Delaware Affections, the Bartons--Mitch, Rodney and Holly--have moved to Wrigley, Delaware where Rodney meets Cat Kessler and her friends Ralph Marsen and Laurie Earles. Holly makes friends with Ali Kenstroke, Erin Cox and Becky Seely. At school, Rodney becomes the affection of Cassandra Jurgens as Principal Kenstroke, Ali's father, threatens Rodney. Holly is pushed by her friends to go out with junior Adam Parker, who does ask her out after seeing her topless by accident in the locker room. Laurie asks Ralph to help her get a job at his mom's grocery store and Mitch learned just how complicated having his own practice in Wrigley can be.

Cassandra walked into Mitch's doctor's office and walked up to Stella. "Hello, I have a nine o'clock appointment with Dr. Barton under Jurgens."

Stella glanced at a sheet of paper and smiled. "All right, I will tell him. You may go have a seat."

Cassandra went and sat down and waited although it wasn't long until Mitch came out and called her name. "Okay, Miss Jurgens, what are we here for?"

"Just a routine physical and such," Cassandra said. "Also, I want to look into a different kind of birth control."

"Okay. Are you currently sexually active?" Mitch asked.

"No. I use birth control to mainly...regulate my period," Cassandra said. "I've heard about this contraceptive that's implanted in your arm and was wondering about that."

"I've heard about that. I can give you basic information on it but you'd have to go see a gynocologist," Mitch said.

"That's fine. I'm just here mainly for a physical," Cassandra said.

"You go to the high school, don't you? Do you know my son or daughter--Rodney or Holly?" asked Mitch.

Cassandra was caught off guard by the question but immediately answered. "I have a class with Rodney but I don't know Holly."

"I figured. She's a freshman. Do you ever talk to Rodney or am I prying too much?" Mitch chuckled.

"I talk to Rodney occasionally but not often. Only if I really need to," Cassandra said. "And you are not prying too much."

"That's good because I don't want to become one of those fathers," he smiled. "Now, let's get started so you can get to school."

Adam and Holly went through the breakfast line together and kissed before Adam and Holly parted to their own tables where their friends were seated.

"What the hell was that?" Erin asked, pointing her thumb toward Adam.

"What? You're one of the one who told me I should pursue Adam," Holly said.

"I didn't know you'd actually listen," Erin scoffed. "So, you sleep with him yet?"

"What? No! We've only been together for three days," Holly said.

"Three days, pfft. In three days I could've had him, bagged him and gotten three months pregnant," Erin said.

Holly looked disgusted. "Wow. Okay, then. Anyway, Adam and I will get to that. I want at least some vague resemblance to a relationship before we hop into bed," Holly said. "Where's Ali?"

"Her father called her into his office," Becky said.

"I don't know if I can do this," Ali said to Principal Kenstroke.

"It's easier done than said," he began. "They will always take the girl's word over the guy's. All you have to do is say that Rodney Barton tried to rape you."

"Fathers and Daughters"
Cassandra caught up with Jodie between classes after her doctor's appointment. "Jodie, you know how I am slowly working on dating Rodney?"

Jodie rolled her eyes. "I guess."

"Well, the new doctor in town is Rodney's dad," Cassandra smiled. "So anyway, his dad and I got kind of chummy and I think I could have a shot with Rodney."

"Sweet Lord...just ask him out!" Jodie gasped.

"I will, I will. I just need to wait for the right time," Cassandra looked up and saw Rodney smiling and talking with Cat. "I just need to wait," she said.

Elsewhere in the school, Ali walked up briskly to Becky. "Becky, I need some advice on something."

Becky stopped and turned to her friend. "What's up?"

"My dad asked me to do something I'm not sure I can do," Ali began.

"It can't be that bad. What does he want you to do?"

"He wants me to say that someone raped me. Tried to rape me. He promised me an all-expense paid six month vacation to Europe and first year of college tuition paid!"

"Wow! How can I get that deal?" Becky asked. "Who does he want you to accuse?"

"I'm not going to say," Ali said. "I asked him why. Why he wanted to do this and he never answered me. He just repeated what was in for me and gave me until the end of school to decide."

"So what's your first thought?" asked Becky.

"Don't do it. It would ruin his life, and mine if the truth ever comes out," Ali reasoned. "But on the other hand, six months in Europe and not having to worry about money is pretty awesome."

"That makes it seem like you've made up your mind," Becky said.

"I really haven't," Ali reassured.

At lunch, Holly and Adam sat together and tried to act like no one was looking. "I always thought I would hate everybody staring at me," Holly began "but I actually kind of like it."

"You get used to it after a while," Adam said. "So have you thought about my offer?" he asked.

"Well, I would love to go but I would have to ask my dad and I'm not sure he'd let his fifteen year old daughter run off to New York City for a weekend," she smiled.

"It doesn't have to be this weekend or next and I am willing to do what it takes for him to agree to let us do this," Adam said. He glanced up at the clock and stood up. "I have to get going to my next class. I'll see you," he kissed Holly on the lips and took off.

"Bye," Holly breathed.

Adam left the lunch room and was stopped by Chris Donchin, another player on the football team. "Hey, how's it going with the freshman?" he asked.

"It's going good. I'll really have to work for it but three weeks at the most," Adam said.

"All right. I'm looking forward to seeing the results," Chris said.

"Ali told me all about it Mr. Kenstroke," Becky began, standing as tall as she could in his office. "She also told me that she is going to refuse the offer. I'm here to tell you that I'll do it."

Mr. Kenstroke looked at Becky suspiciously. "What's the catch?" he asked her.

"Nothing like what you offered Ali. I just want a gleaming recommendation for college and $2,000 cash. A thousand now and a thousand after I do it."

Mr. Kenstroke contemplated everything that Becky had said. "Come to my office between first and second hour tomorrow for the money. When do you want the recommendation? You're only a freshman."

"After I do this. Date it for my senior year. I look forward to working with you...Mr. Kenstroke," Becky smiled.

Rodney and Ralph run into the mayor's daughter, Lillian and Rodney wonders where she's been for the last two years.