Saturday, December 12, 2009

Why Is He Sitting In the Middle?

Born Loser 12-12-09
I have proof he's real, too. I have Santa locked up in my shed. If anyone ever wants to see him again then I suggest you start mailing or delivery the following to my house at once:
*A 42-inch flat-screen television
*A refrigerator with the ability to make ice in both cubed and crushed forms
*A flat-top stove, preferably in smoky gray
*A 2009 Subaru Forester, preferably in green with tan leather or smoky gray seats
*$30,000 (checks OK)
*Picture frames (all shapes, all sizes)

I enjoy that Hattie is kind of happy at Wilberforce's ignorance even though at the same time Brutus is starting to panic and screaming in his mind: "OH, NO!! HE'S ON TO US! HAVE TO CANCEL CHRISTMAS!! ABORT! ABORT!"