Thursday, January 11, 2024

Jeans Day, Part 2

May 20, 1965
I've never been interested in the Battle of Little Bighorn. It's just never captured my attention like so much other history. Which is probably why I thought it took place in South Dakota when I looked it up. Nope. Montana. Huh.

When I was growing up, some of my favorite comic strips were ones that continued from day-to-day. Calvin floating up into the sky holding onto a balloon, the wacky misadventures of the Patterson family, even watching the Keanes go on road trips was exciting. My local paper didn't carry any of the soap opera strips so the crazy storylines of Rex Morgan, Mary Worth, and even Apartment 3G weren't on my radar back then.

I have a soft spot in my heart for things that end with 'to be continued'. It's that kind of stuff that keeps my attention. Keeps me tuning in. You probably remember the Disney Afternoon series Gargoyles and the 22-part "Avalon" storyline. That kept me tuning in every day after school.