Friday, January 26, 2024

Can You Backdate the Pink Slip?

June 9, 1965
You do not speak to George Washington like that! He is the Father of the Country and deserves respect! Although not too much respect because that's weird and he's not perfect and still problematic. Our leaders should not be untarnished because that is not how humans work and no one should be above legitimate criticism.
The painting was clearly focused on the time after Washington stopped stepping on this man's foot. I was originally going to say this man's name was probably William Cornelius Pierce Jellyby but I guess it's really Nathanael Greene.

I get the feeling that Veeblefester just hires people so he can fire them. I wonder if he allows them to collect their own belongings or does he have someone else do it thus leaving half their stuff still in their office or cubicle.