Tuesday, February 14, 2023

Ladies, Don't Debase Yourself for Chocolate...With Brutus

November 17, 1973
He's probably going to take you to the Cleveland Boondock Steakhouse. Or just bring home some flowers. Hell, he may even break out the painted turtles like he did with your birthday.

Was Arnie the only person who chose Kansas City to win and everyone else picked Philadelphia? Or was it like a bracket situation or whatever? Some guy comes to you in September: "Here. Pick who you think will win the Super Bowl and give me $20."

I'm gonna give Wilberforce the same advice I've been giving my students: Why do you need to be with anyone? Be your own valentine. Love yourself before finding someone to love you. Sure, relationships can be great but they are not the end all, be all of existence.

At least with telling a non-living comic strip character this, they can't make fun of my pants or my hair after I finish talking to them.