Sunday, February 05, 2023

The Born Loser, L.L.C.

January 20, 1985
For some reason, I get the feeling this type of stuff happens a lot these days what with all the pandemic funds handed out over the last three years. It all gets recycled back into company funds or goes back to the government anyway. "If you want your bonus, dance for me, monkey! Prove to me this job is worth more than your health, well-being, and sanity!"

This is people's livelihoods. Quit making it a game.

Look, I understand saying "The Chief" is a lot less time consuming to both say and write than "Veeblefester" but seeing Uncle Ted say "The Chief" just sounds wrong.

And what would Brutus' business be? Would he open his own tea cozy conglomerate? That sounds like a terrible, awful idea and you know that Veeblefester makes his employees sign a no-compete contract. At least, Brutus is self-aware.