Saturday, February 11, 2023

Shake Harder, Boy!

November 16, 1973
I always thought blowing smoke out of your ear was something you could do if you inhaled or exhaled just right but it apparently isn't. It's basically like if your ears are popping while you are smoking and even then it may not work because of how our body is designed. Anyway, I'm pretty sure that center panel was used in those Energy Wise ads I posted on Twitter.

While searching about this, this blurb came up. I think I've heard of blowing smoke into a kid's ear but didn't know it was still a thing people do. This doesn't specifically mention cigarette smoke but it's still strange it came up. Even stranger that the one benefit they mention isn't really a benefit at all and can be accomplished by going to a park or something.
Humans should be extinct.

One of the rules I live by--I think it's Rule #427 or something like that, I'll actually make a list someday--is that you never make up with someone named 'Biff'. If your child is named (or nicknamed) Biff then they will be a terrible person from the day they're born until the day they die.