Monday, February 27, 2023

Hope Brutus Likes Being Hung Up On

How 'bout that Dilbert guy? For those who don't know, Scott Adams, the creator of the popular comic strip, posted an episode of his podcast where he said that Black people were a hate group and that white people should stay away from them. Anyway, Andrews McMeel Universal, the syndicate that distributes and publishes Dilbert has severed their relationship with Adams and that includes Dilbert.

I don't know necessarily what this means but, to me, it means Dilbert will cease being in newspapers and the website will either be shut down or given to Adams to maintain on his own. We'll see over the course of the next couple weeks to a month as it will take awhile for anything to actually happen. Will Dilbert actually go away? If Adams retains ownership then probably not. Adams could just post the comics on his own website, effectively turning it into a webcomic but, I am not positive, I do think Adams stopped doing the strip years ago and has a staff of people do it for him. Similar to Jim Davis and Garfield. Whether or not he would want to go back to writing and illustrating a daily comic strip or could afford to keep a staff employed to do it for him is entirely up to him. I'm sure he'll make a good decision.

Let's get onto some The Born Loser. Chip will hopefully never say or do anything wrong.

December 6, 1973
The Born Loser: Quantumania

Is he real? Is he the reflection? Who knows? He's a ghost!

Again, I don't presume to understand what kind of contracts go down between a tea cozy company and whatever companies they do business with but I'm starting to think the sales tactic is just reading a script like those shady pharmaceutical or insurance companies.

"The Chief gave me the best advice when making a sales call. 'K-I-S-S' Keep it simple, stupid. Great advice. Hurts my feelings every time."