Sunday, March 19, 2023

What I Wrote In the Tweet Is Better

For about two weeks, I posted The Born Loser comic strips on SubStack. I wanted to see if readership went up because of the SubStack link or even if tweets about the post got more likes or retweets. There was no change in anything and I think readership actually went down a little. Anyway, onto the comics!

May 5, 1985
We've all seen those TV episodes and such where a dripping faucet keeps a character awake. It can make for hilarious entertainment mainly due to the character overreacting to the situation. Now, I've had dripping faucets before but they've never kept me up. I don't see how they could.

Not cool that Brutus was sound asleep and Gladys woke him up because she's being inconvenienced. Get up and do whatever you need to with that faucet yourself.

I don't know what Gladys made but does Wilberforce not know what vegetables look like? I don't care what you make, I can clearly see the carrots or potatoes or even onions that you put in something. And I can definitely taste them.

Oh, God. A rerun.

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