Friday, March 24, 2023

I'm Tired of Seeing the Thornapples Having a Landline

January 10, 1974
Ah, the days when you didn't need any piece of paper to prove that you could do a job. Now, nearly every job is gate-kept if you don't have a piece of paper or an overabundance of experience. And it's not even because of the money because they pay nothing even to people who have papers and experience. What? I oversee an entire department, work under a strict deadline, have to answer emails, report to a supervisor, and have employees below me give me reports? And I only get $65,000 a year?

Did Brutus get a job at eight- or nine-years-old or did he just lounge around his, I don't know, tree fort, for the next five to ten years?

What? This isn't a thing. Get out of here.