Monday, March 20, 2023

No Brussels Sprouts for Wilberforce

January 3, 1974
Don't just stand there, Gladys. Get a broom.

At least the tree will easier to get out of the door now. There are these new things--actually, they aren't new, they were prominently featured in A Charlie Brown Christmas back in 1965--called artificial trees. You don't have to water it or clean up needles. It's also not quite the fire hazard. I mean, still kind of a fire hazard but not as big of one.

We've apparently been eating Brussels sprouts wrong this entire time. I've had the new Brussels sprouts with them being properly cooked and heavily seasoned and I'm still not really a fan.

And Gladys, why are you making something that people don't like? It's not like you made Brussels sprouts so you could try them. Clearly, Brutus has had Brussels sprouts before and doesn't like them. Then why would waste time and money making them if you knew he wouldn't eat them?