Monday, September 05, 2022

Grub Hub

I figured I'd take this year's Labor Day to talk a bit about this website. I started this thing back in January of 2008 originally to hop on the comic strip mockery phase of the Internet. I'm one of the few people still doing that because I enjoy doing it and it helps keep me writing even if it's just a quick one-liner. About a year later, I started doing more writing on here. Some of it people like, some they didn't. I focused mainly on fiction stories and local history but dabbled in other pop culture things as well. With The Born Loser, I have started posting older strips from the 1970s and 1980s along with today's strip in an effort to evolve this website and offer something new for readers.

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December 15, 1973
Making a silly face doesn't seem like a Veeblefester thing to do. Why's he getting his picture taken? Work badges? Now his picture is going to look stupid for the next year or so.

Veeblefester seems more like a person to get his portrait painted, not photographed.

I don't want to alarm Brutus but I think everything he's grilling is on fire.

And he's really going to all that trouble to not only grill but to grill kind of expensive things like salmon and shrimp? There are only three people at his house. Four if you count Hurricane Hattie who may or may not be over. Five, if Mother Gargle or Uncle Ted are there. I'd say both might be there but Mother Gargle and Uncle Ted have never crossed paths. Hmm, are Uncle Ted and Mother Gargle the same person?