Thursday, September 29, 2022

Flickin' Thursday

Five years after it came bursting onto the scene and into our lives and about a year after it's last peak before a huge decline in use, the Distracted Boyfriend meme has made its way to Heathcliff.

This comic deserves all the Reuben Awards.

June 24, 1974
I love that Brutus is going to read his pornographic magazine right in front of Gladys' bridge group. He's going to noisily eat, drink, burp, and probably fart while flipping through that magazine with his hand down his pants. That's "quiet" to him.

The biggest offense are those feet.

So Brutus can withstand being stabbed in the nose with a dart, but not being flicked in the nose. Got it.

I am a bit worried that we've entered the 'physical abuse' stage of this relationship and I really don't want to see us head down that road.