Saturday, September 03, 2022

A Lot of Sixties Music Was from England

October 22, 1973
I've talked before about how my early church experiences were traumatic. I don't think I could handle the priest/reverend/whatever they're called hunting me down either coming out of my house or on the golf course begging for money.

You don't pay taxes, where does your money go. And don't give me that "church buildings are hard to heat/cool" crap.

I am around 11- to 14-year-olds for seven hours a day, nearly everyday of the week and none of them are into music from the 1960s. It's cool that Wilberforce (and Hattie) are making oldies new again but none of this seems true-to-life.

I went through an oldies phase maybe around my early teens (between 8 and 13, maybe) but it's because my mom had several CDs just lying around so I'd listen to those. Wilberforce is clearly listening to purchased digital music or has a Spotify account. He is actively seeking out this music. Maybe Brutus bought a bunch of sixties music and Wilberforce is just stuck with it because Brutus won't let him buy his own music.

Uncle Ted could have a good moment with his nephew and talk to him about his favorite rock group--and other music groups--but instead decides to crack a joke. Wilberforce is not amused.