Saturday, July 23, 2022

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January 14, 1974
These days, the panels would look normal and the middle panel would be Brutus waking up with a *POOF* cloudburst above him. He'd then look at us and say "Of course it was a dream," or some crap.

This also paints Brutus in the light of he's good at his job, Veeblefester just doesn't like him. Whereas today, Brutus is bad at his job which is why Veeblefester doesn't like him. I like the former better.

I agree. Brutus should go outside and enjoy the nice weather. The high today in Cleveland, Ohio is 86. As I write this, right now, at 12:42 AM, it's 89 and the high will be 102. Enjoy 86, Brutus. Enjoy 86.