Sunday, July 03, 2022

And She's Back

This early strip first appeared on July 10, 1966, a little more than a year after The Born Loser started. Brutus had still not become the main focus but the logo is still used to this day. Thanks to the Born Loser Facebook Page for posting these cool throwbacks.

via TheUnderfold

Shortly after the Roe v Wade decision last week, a friend of mine posted on Facebook about regulating men's bodies the way that we regulate women's bodies. Someone then posted that men's bodies are already very regulated because if a woman's breast pops out, it's just a little mistake and she can just continue on with her day. Meanwhile, if his penis comes out then he gets in trouble. Stupidly taking the bait, I commented that comparing women's breasts to penises is not comparable but also that a woman showing her breasts is also indecent exposure (yes, depending on where you are but it's still looked down on) but guys can literally walk around in a swim thong and no one cares--well, someone might but it's not illegal.

His comeback was women show their breasts all the Mardi Gras but he still can't show his penis. I don't know why he wants to show off his penis so much. He then called me Captain Save-A-Hoe and I turned off notifications and hid the post because it was my mistake thinking we could have a reasonable conversation instead of him being wrong and stupid.

Anyway, this Underfold comic reminds me of that. "Let's regulate men's bodies!" "You do because I can't waggle my penis around." "Yeah, because it's a penis." "I'm being OPPRESSED!!"

Well, we were promised no Mother Gargle until July and that promise was kept.

I don't understand why Mother Gargle gets so upset when Brutus takes a day off. He works Monday through Friday for a terrible company with a terrible boss. Just let him relax. It's Fourth of July weekend anyway so who cares that he's resting.

And I'm not even going to comment on what Brutus and Gladys may or may not have in common because I think Brutus and Gladys are more similar than Mother Gargle would like to admit.

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