Sunday, July 10, 2022

Chip Is Going to Send Jose a Signed Copy of Today's Strip

March 23, 1985

We don't actually know when Vasco da Gama, a famed Portugese explorer (he discovered that the Atlantic and Indian oceans were connected), was born. Reports say 1460 or 1469 but we don't have a month or day. Da Gama also used violence and hostage-taking to control the people of India so maybe Brutus shouldn't be celebrating da Gama's birthday. I don't care how "important" you think he is. Let's be honest, someone would've figured out to "sail around Africa" sooner or later.

Gladys can still fit in her wedding dress? Good for her.

Aww. Chip has a crush on Cleveland Guardians third baseman Jose Ramirez. I don't know what all that other stuff means except for "switch hitter". I don't think Wilberforce's coach should be talking about his underage players like that.
Urban Dictionary

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