Friday, April 15, 2022

Same, Gladys. Same.

Waitaminute! Chip can acknowledge the baseball strike that happened this year and only lasted three months but a goddamn pandemic that we are entering our third year of doesn't even get a mention (unless you count this ill-timed strip).

There was a poll on USA Today asking who was to blame for the lockout--players, owners, both, don't know--and "both" won with "owners" coming in second. All I could think was "Where's the 'who cares' option?" Ugh, I hate baseball. Though not as much as professional basketball.

I'm sure Brutus feels the same way about what Gladys watches. One would think Gladys watches Antiques Roadshow or those weird buying or flipping houses shows on TLC but you know Gladys watches trash. Utter trash.

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