Thursday, April 14, 2022

I've Never Seen Such a Big Smile Get So Small

Before we get into today's comic strip we're going to take a look at a Born Loser comic strip from yesteryear. 1983, to be exact. Look at this comic that would never pass the editor in this day and age.
Not only is Brutus just randomly tossing, at best a firecracker, at worst a stick of dynamite, willy-nilly in a populated area, he's going to blow up who I'm assuming is Kewpie. The date on the comic is July 3 so I guess this is a Fourth of July comic and what's more patriotic and American than annoying your neighbors, blowing up small chunks of land, and injuring something innocent?

If previous strips are any indication, the Thornapples are just a paycheck away from losing everything (or killing and eating Wilberforce). How bad do you think Veeblefester will feel if he comes to work one day and sees Brutus' family living in their car in the company parking lot?