Sunday, April 09, 2017

Sunday Comics #2

I'm not a fan of stupid drivers. It's one thing to just make small mistakes that are inconsequential but blatantly obvious bad and/or stupid driving is just unacceptable. We have an intersection where I live that has restricted left turns from 3 PM to 6 PM Monday through Friday and I see numerous people hold up traffic in order to make a left turn there. And they could just go up 1/4 of a block and make their left turn there. It creates the same issue of backed up traffic but at least there's not four signs telling people not to make a left turn. And I don't even understand what Mallard Fillmore is getting at in today's strip.

Okay. So Chantel is making a left turn against four lanes of traffic and holding up traffic behind her as a result. Mallard hypothesizes that if Chantel turns right and then makes two lefts, she will end up where she needs to be. I drew up a sketch of how that would look.
If Chantel turns right then makes two lefts, indicated by the dotted arrows, she still has to cross eight lanes of traffic. Sure, it would be easier if there's a stoplight at that intersection. If there is a stoplight then she will be able to turn left sooner or later anyway or just go the next intersection and turn left with the light.

I'd like to say this is some sort of clever strip using driving as some kind of analogy for politics ("You went left and it didn't work out, why don't you try going right?") but we all know Bruce just got behind someone doing exactly this and he spent the three minutes he was stuck in traffic screaming out his window: "Just turn right and go around you moron! Just go right!!"

I'm not disputing that this is a good prank, I'm just wondering where Curtis or whoever actually brought in that cow, got it. Last I knew, there were very few cows in the middle of urban centers.

Family Circus
Family Circus: Origins. We finally learn why the Keanes began holding their own worship at their house, not because the sermons began getting too "liberal" but because they wanted to indoctrinate their kids without disturbing the other followers.