Sunday, April 02, 2017

Sunday Comics #1

Along with the return of Losers Are Made, Not Born, comes the return of Sunday Comics. Sunday Comics will focus on a variety of comic strips. The main reason for this return is because due to the changes on the GoComics website, I am unable to obtain Sunday Born Loser strips because they are too big to be screenshot and you can no longer copy the image to your computer. So many comic-themed titles now. Hope it's not overkill.

I don't get it. If you've eaten something and you like it, why would knowing what it is change your opinion of it? To be honest, I don't know why you wouldn't want to eat something where the first instruction in the recipe is "Soak the brains in water for an hour".

The Amazing Spider-Man
Wait. If regular people can handle the dual threat of Ronan and this Sentry, then why do we even need superheroes?