Tuesday, November 22, 2016

"We Won't Have To Drive Through Kentucky Do We?"

The Amazing Spider-Man
Drive out to California?

Peter Parker is a city-boy. It was bad enough having to deal with Long Island existing in the last adventure but having to deal with all that empty land between New York City and Los Angeles will be the worst. Ohio?!!? Missouri?!!? And don't get him started on New Mexico!!

"Great kids you have there, all going to Disney World and not taking you, their own mother. Wellp, I've finished my tea, see you Monday."

Family Circus
Five seconds later...

"Mommy! Jeffy's holdin' my head UNDER the water again!"

Mary Worth
HOT DAMN!! He's certainly no Wilbur!! Hubba-hubba!

He seems slightly younger than Iris though. I can't wait to hear what Mary has to say about this. Where is Mary anyway? We've barely seen her since June Brigman took over the art.