Saturday, November 12, 2016

Saturday Evening Post

Barney Google and Snuffy Smith
Last year we had a female mail carrier who was of the attractive persuasion. But it was never bad enough to want to keep her from her route. Apparently the people of Hootin' Holler don't think twice about other people and their mail.

I have about 150 students that I see on a regular basis and even I know which ones are left-handed. I know more about 150 different students that will flit in and out of my life than Crankshaft knows about his own granddaughter.

Scary Gary
Interestingly, this is exactly how both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton answer this question. The only difference is that Trump will now have the power to make it happen.

Sally Forth
I'm glad that someone else has thought about the ending of A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving and how Woodstock is perfectly fine with cannibalism. I guess it's fine since it's a turkey and not whatever bird Woodstock is supposed to be. I just want to know why Snoopy made popcorn and toast for Charlie Brown's Thanksgiving when he had a turkey the entire time. Jerkass dog.