Wednesday, November 09, 2016

So Gunther WON'T Shave Your Shoulders

Frank and Ernest
Let's ignore briefly that no one reading this strip really knows who Dan Blocker is or what Bonanza was and focus on that Blocker's character would not be named Hoss so the bad pun doesn't make sense. If your name is Ron Brady, you don't get to walk around saying that if your name was Tom, you'd be Tom Brady. Your name isn't Tom so quit talking about it.

I can't tell what Gunther likes more, that she has money or that she's nice 'n' plump. I'm leaning toward the latter though.

Funky Winkerbean
Someone needs to tell Batiuk that he doesn't need to name every single ancillary character he comes up with especially if he is going to use such an eye-rolling stereotype of a name.