Friday, July 24, 2015

1249: Handwriting's Not Bad, Just In a Hurry

Oh, look. Yet another shooting.

You know how news outlets already have obituaries typed up for some celebrities and heads of state in the event they suddenly die? They can start doing that with mass shootings. "A shooting at a [insert place] in [City, State] has claimed the lives of [insert number] people. This is the [insert number] mass shooting in [insert number] [timeframe]. Since [year] started, there have been [insert number] deaths caused by a mass shooter. While we're all tired of hearing about gun-related deaths, nothing will be done to stop them."

Two days of doctor-related strips. Chip must have recently been to the doctor. I can picture him, sitting on that examining table in a paper gown as his doctor is scribbling down his prescription. "Hey, doc," Chip begins to giggle. "Does bad handwriting equal being a better doctor? Is there a course on bad handwriting in medical school?" Chip bursts out laughing. The doctor finishes the prescription and sighs.

I hate cartoonists, he thinks.