Tuesday, July 21, 2015

1246: Just Keeps Going...

Sunday's strip featured Brutus and Gladys arguing, as they seem to always do, about which candidate they are for/against. Last night, Chip posted on the Born Loser Facebook page an explanation about it. Here it is:
The Born Loser of Sunday, July 19 is a perfect example of the perils of doing a comic strip two months in advance of the date it will appear in the newspapers and online. I think the majority of people who read this strip will be certain I am talking about a specific political candidate who has been in the news a lot lately--Donald Trump. Then they will make assumptions about my political stance accordingly. The truth is, I had no particular candidate in mind when I wrote>the strip and did not want readers to assume I was talking about any particular candidate. I choose not to convey my political leanings in The Born Loser--it is not an editorial cartoon, it is strictly for entertainment. Trump had not even declared himself a candidate when I submitted the strip. So regardless of your opinion or my opinion of Trump, this strip is not taking a shot at him.
I was just joking when I mentioned that I was worried about Brutus being a Trump fan. I've known Sunday strips are done weeks, if not months, in advance since the mid-90s. I don't care about Chip's political proclivities but it makes me wonder why he felt the need to post this. I'd wager that he read through the comments on that day and then had to spend the next 24 hours or so weeping in the corner while in the fetal position.

Everyone who goes to this diner seems to hate it. Except Brutus. Does Brutus have low standards in food? I used to have pretty low standards in food, too. It probably came from years of just rotating between goulash, tuna and noodles and something you fry in a skillet during my childhood.