Monday, July 13, 2015

1238: At Least Brutus Is the Star of a Comic Strip

I first started blogging back in 2006 on little site called LiveJournal. I got the idea to start blogging and to use LiveJournal from a friend and coworker. I wasn't really sure what I wanted to talk about so I just kind of blathered on about things I liked. Shortly after I started a MySpace account, I became online friends with another blogger named AwesomeZara who wrote about her life--personal and some private, work, pop culture stuff, sex, stories and things that interested her. Taking a page from her book, I wanted to do that too but I did that on MySpace. I talked about my life, my family, what was happening in my relationship at the time along with stories and pop culture related things. Soon after my breakup, I wanted to move onto something else. I began a website at and began following the footsteps of the dozen or so other bloggers I read that did comic strip commentary. Doing that earned me a decent following and some good online acquaintances who I still try to support as best as I can.
These are just among two of the several.
After a few months, I began Tauy Creek and tried to branch out to other stuff while continuing the commentary. There have been a couple times where the commentary went on hiatus but I've tried to keep that going since that was what gained me readership in the first place. With the advent of social media, I can get my site out to more people and, to a point, gear it toward who I want. I try to make posts universal so anyone can enjoy them. If I don't succeed at that, I don't blame readers if they don't read something.
A lot of my readers probably don't care about Kansas but I will shove it's history
and picturesque landscape down your throats!
I wanted to use this site as a way to get my writing out there and hopefully have it lead to bigger things and that is what I plan to focus on from here on out. While the comic strip commentary will be there at the bottom of the post, the main draw will be what is above it and I plan on phasing it out over the next few months. If you would like to support me in making this site a true writing and pop culture haven, then send me suggestions on what to write about or send me something from my Amazon Wishlist located in the sidebar. If there's enough interest, maybe I can throw up a Patreon account in the near future. In the meantime, please enjoy what I do have and please tell your friends about this website.

Reading this comic strips every day for the last...90?...years had led me to one conclusion. The Born Loser can be pretty depressing. It is definitely a strip for people at or above Brutus' station in life.