Wednesday, July 15, 2015

1240: Is There a Comic Strip Equivalent of an Amber Alert?

Image via NASA.
My favorite planet is Uranus but I had always been fascinated with Pluto because of its isolation, desolation and mystery. I never understood why Pluto had to become a dwarf planet but I get it. We should be getting better pictures of Pluto in the near future but I am impressed at how it looks. That's a good looking planetary body.

There are three people living together, Brutus. You forgot, yet again, that you have a child. I am perfectly fine with TV shows basically forgetting that children exist and need to be taken care of by their parental characters but books, movies, comic strips, comic books, don't get that pass. Why do TV shows get a pass? Because I understand that children happen and they can add a layer of additional stories to the show but yet are tailored to not keep the parents from hanging out with their childless friends at a bar, coffee shop or break room. As for the other mediums, if you don't want to have kids around, don't write them into the story.