Thursday, November 03, 2011

Boris the Bear

One of the many titles I would often get in those comic book grab bags was Boris the Bear. Boris the Bear was created by James Dean Smith and Steve Mattsson and appeared in his own Dark Horse Comics title for twelve issues until, disagreeing with the direction of the title, Smith left Dark Horse and continued Boris the Bear under his own company, Nicotat, with issue #13.

The first three issues of Boris the Bear, published by Dark Horse Comics.
Boris would go on to parody just about every genre of comic that was out during the mid to late 1980s and sales showed it. The title became one of Dark Horse's most popular titles and that trend continued over into Smith's own company, Nicotat. However, Boris the Bear's issues became more sporadic causing popularity to wane and sales to drop. Despite Smith having the series plotted to issue #40, Boris the Bear came to an end with #34.

The first three issues of Boris the Bear (#13-15), published by Nicotat Comics.
Boris the Bear #34, the final issue.