Sunday, November 06, 2011

Be More Stupid, Veeblefester

Welcome to the new Sunday installment of LAMNB featuring Sunday Comics. Next week I plan on having a new header made up just for Sunday but for now the regular LAMNB header will have to do. Enjoy some Sunday comics.

Barney Google and Snuffy Smith
I don't exactly know what Snuffy and Lukey are doing but anything that could cause Snuffy to plummet to his death is all right by me.

Clearly this is a Steve Jobs tribute but as someone who has read FoxTrot since it's creation I remember when the Fox family got their iFruit and Jason didn't like it. And he never really grew to like it, he had to use it because it was the only computer in the house. He felt the iFruit (and really the iMac) marketed itself to idiots who didn't really know what they wanted in a computer. Maybe Jason is more mourning the loss of Steve Jobs and his ability to convince people they need crap they really don't need.

The Born Loser
I'm going to assume that Brutus is fearing for his job and doesn't really think being "too intelligent" is Veeblefester's only flaw.