Friday, November 18, 2011

Mound Cemetery

There are several scenic places in Douglas County from Mount Oread on KU's campus, to Well's Overlook south of Lawrence to Liberty Hill near Baldwin City and plenty more. One of them is a small hill south of Stull where you can see the Clinton Lake Dam ten miles away. Mound Cemetery was originally started in 1888 and contains about two dozens graves mostly from the Ice, Rake and Hall families that lived around the area.

Over the last few years, Mound Cemetery has been lumped into the stories and tales given to nearby Stull Cemetery and has been erroneously referred to as "Old Stull Cemetery" which is inaccurate as Mound wasn't established until almost twenty years after Stull Cemetery. Rumors claim that the trees on the hill formed a pentagram and that a witch is buried under the pine tree.

The intersection where Mound is used to be a small hub of activity. There used to be both a school and a church at the corner but both are long gone. School-aged kids now go to Perry-Lecompton or Shawnee Heights in Shawnee County and church services are preformed by the church in Stull or Clinton or another nearby community. The cemetery is a nice place to go to be alone and is a unique cemetery in Douglas County essentially being both isolated and in plain sight.
The trunk of a dead tree in Mound Cemetery. The tree has since been cut down leaving only a stump.
I don't like when people just let their dogs run around higgeldy-piggeldy around the neighborhood. The worst offenders are people who live in the country and their damn dog chases you for a quarter of a mile because you drove past their house. I don't care if you are on 110 acres, leash your damn dog, idiot because it's being a nuisance and is one jerkass driver away from being run over.

I had a friend who tried to scientifically prove that it's not money that's the root of all evil but women. Granted he was going through a break-up at the time but his theory was almost sound. However, now that I think about it, lack of money did seem to be a major factor though. So maybe Brutus is onto something.