Monday, November 28, 2011


A few weeks ago I posted that "All I Wanted" was one of my stories that had the most cursing. It still is but I've often wondered why. It's not like my vocabulary is squeaky clean. I'm not a sailor by any means but I'm also not the Pope (maybe someday though.) I've often wondered why I don't use curse words as much in my writing. I've always been that way and a lot of times I need to force myself to put in a swear word. For some reason, to me, in my stories, there is never really a situation that requires a swear word. When I wrote Harter Union, I consciously made the effort to reduce the swear words despite the fact that most of us there swore like sailors.

I was trying to do some searching online about why I tend to censor myself but didn't find anything helpful except a Writer's Digest article about when to use swear words in your writing. As someone who has been trying to break free of writing and having nothing to show for it since I was 16, I always felt that an overuse of swear words, even when used properly, made me feel immature and hindered my ability to be taken seriously and while I know that writing tends to not be censored, I've just felt that it's better to limit swear words than use them and turn people off to my writing. And let's face it, my writing tends to turn people off to my writing.

I agree with Brutus. Nine-year-old Wilberforce does not need his own laptop. If the Thornapples had the money I would suggest Brutus and Gladys get a brand new desktop and give Wilberforce their old desktop though. After a thorough browser and porn stash cleansing, of course.