Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Brutus' Dentist Goes Spelunking

I had a supervisor a long time ago who was grading people on something he was not able or supposed to grade people on. A bunch of people complained and he was told not to grade us on that again. His bosses listened to us because it's easier to believe 10 people are in the right than 1 person. That's why I don't understand why it seems easier to believe that 14 million are "lazy" just because they are unemployed. Only around 80,000 jobs were created for the month of October. That's 80,000 jobs for 14 million people. How many of those jobs are for seasonal help? How many of those jobs actually pay a wage that's conducive to living? How many of those jobs are permanent with no chance of elimination? How many of those jobs are real?

And as for "rich" people being "job creators", why would they create jobs when no one is buying anything because they don't have any money because they are unemployed? Jobs are created when there is a demand for products and services, not because companies are paying less taxes.

Your dentist isn't trying to be funny, your teeth just are that bad.