Thursday, July 01, 2010

The Worst Flintstone Comics Ever

The Flintstones was an animated series--the first animated series made specifically for adults--that aired on ABC from 1960 until 1966. The would be the longest running animated series until The Simpsons would surpass them with episode number 167 in 1997. King of the Hill would also pass The Flintstones in 2004. From 1961 until today, The Flintstones have had an official comic strip so I don't know what Hanna-Barbera or Charlton or Xerox was thinking when it published these terrible strips back in the 1970s. Enjoy.

What executive techniques could Fred possibly learn with a tape recorder?

I love how Fred apparently purposely broke those dishes just so Wilma would kick him out of the house. The "Yuk, yuk!" is also good.

I don't know what version of bowling Fred is playing here but it certainly isn't the bowling shown on the TV show (or elsewhere in the book).

Ha, ha! Being fired willy-nilly is always funny.

But even though they've been fired from Slate Quarry, they apparently still got their raise--in cash so they don't have to claim taxes on it and also in one lump sum instead of spread out over the year with the rest of their paycheck.

Yes, the Great Gazoo (Harvey Korman) makes an appearance in one strip. He doesn't know who Fred is and Fred doesn't know who Gazoo is. But you gotta love the stock image of Gazoo in the first panel where he's looking at the audience and not at Fred.

Meanwhile, here, Fred's bowling ball is shaped like a ball and not a discus. Or, at least it would be if Wilma hadn't replaced it with a roc egg.

If my son could lift a car without any help I think I would be okay with giving him a real bow and arrow set.

Um...why can't they take off the masks? I'm assuming it involves a humorous mistake with cement glue.

And I don't know what is going on in this strip. They gave Barney a bonus without telling him then Fred has a stroke but Wilma insists he moves over. I'm assuming Barney is talking to Betty, scared she will take his money but what's going on with Wilma's "Move over?"